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Exterior of domestic property rendered by Parson Ash Limited

Experienced with all renders

Whether you're in need of lime rendering or sand rendering, our contractors have worked with all types of renders for over 30 years, so get in touch with us to achieve a great finish.

Modern and durable external rendering service in Surrey

Parson Ash Ltd can help you ensure that all your commercial builds have an exterior that provides protection all year round. Our experienced rendering team are fully trained and understand the different applications that are required for different properties.


You'll gain great results that not only add long lasting protection but also enhance the look of any build or project.

How rendering helps you:

  • Enhance structural integrity

  • Protection from the elements

  • External wall insulation

  • Anti-graffiti

  • Remove the need for painting

Our rendering services cover:

  • External rendering

  • Lime rendering

  • Sand rendering

  • Limestone rendering

  • Thorough coloured renders

External rendering on commercial building completed by Parson Ash Limited

For external rendering in Surrey, call us today on:

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